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Karen, named after the chokers worn by the long-necked Karen women in the Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand. We’ve created a version of the chokers in the form of a wrist cuff. Available in large size.

Handmade with striations. 


Hand carved from mango wood, this cuff bangle is the right fit and style for the unique you. Our mango wood bangles are not only fashion forward, they are durable. The mango wood bangles are specially designed to have a gap to easily slip on and off the wrist.

Bee Glorious is committed to offering only eco-friendly and sustainable products; the mango wood that is used to make these bangles comes from mango stumps. When mango trees are too old and do not produce any fruit, they are cut down and their stumps are left in the field. The tree trunk can be transformed into furniture or different types of home-decor, but the stumps are often left to rot in the field, until a family in the north of Thailand found a way to rescue these stumps.

The bangles are hand painted and carved by select artisans from Northern Thailand. There are 3 varieties to choose from: block colors, marbled designs and the carved variety.

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