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Bee Glorious helps you live a greener life and give something back to the environment at the same time. Due to increasing environmental issues, Bee Glorious was born with the mission to bring you closer to harmony with nature and seemingly blend in with the planet we live on. With our help, you will feel and… be GLORIOUS!



Five Ways Products Create a Greener Environment 

All our products are selected according to our strict policies, which follow our belief and passion about striving for a greener environment.

  1. Free from harmful chemicals and petrochemical derivatives.
  2. Organic farming, with certification (when this is affordable by the producer)
  3. Know exactly what you are buying - All ingredients are disclosed on product labels.
  4. Not tested on animals, nor do products or their byproducts cause harm to animals.
  5. Fair trading with small, sustainable producer communities.



    We chose the bee as our symbol, because we all can learn from the bees how to work together to create a wonderful world, just like bee queen, workers and drones together create their amazing beehive societies.
    Come for a journey with us, learn together!


    Did you know that…
            • large parts of our agriculture wouldn’t exist without pollination by bees?
            • honey has natural preservatives, so bacteria cannot grow in it?
            • ...and many more!
    The photographs on this website were taken by Bee Glorious owner - Nui Esser, and two talented Ottawa photographers: 
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