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The Making of Rainbow Sisal Fashion Forward


Fashion forward without compromise:

Colorful: dyed by experts with 20 years of experience in making fabrics that keeps their vibrant colors. 

Durable: Made from 100% natural fibre that is also used for fishing rope.

Fairly Traded: Handmade by women cooperatives in Central Thailand from locally and organically grown sisal. 

All bags have full lining with zippered pockets.


This is what a grown sisal looks like.  (Photo by: The Village Community)


Sisal is a type of agave; it yields a stiff fiber used in making various products. 

Sisal are organically grown in a small community in Central Thailand. Leaves are harvested in a sustainable way so the plant continue growing. The villagers then harvest these sisal and leftovers are being used as natural fertilizer for other locally grown crops.


The making of sisal fiber. (Photo by: The Village Community) 

Villagers then use a utilized bamboo, a sharpened bamboo which they used in scratching and thinning the sisal fabric, making it finer and thinner strips and then bring into the sun for drying. 


(Photo by: Nui Esser)

After drying in the sun, the fiber will be meticulously braided into long plaits. Artisans bring these fibers into beautiful long braids to ensure more durability and greater quality. 


Bundles of dyed sisal.  (Photo by: The Village Community)


Dyed sisal by artisans with 2 decades of experience in dying fiber that is long lasting.

The talented artisan ensures great quality of dying that doesn't wear off in the long run.


(Photo by: The Village Community)


The woman's community in Central Thailand that spends days hand weaving these great products to perfection. Durable and made the traditional way. Beautiful, unique, & Eco- friendly bags and accessories. The woman cooperatives in Central Thailand exclusively produce our sisal  craft products under royal patronage.

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