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The making of Smoked Bamboo products


Smoked Bamboo Handbags and Purses 

Fashion items without compromise:
  • Stunning: unique designs in up to 25 smoke colour patterns – only some are shown
  • Eco-friendly: organic bamboo from sustainable farming
  • Fairly traded: helping a small artisan community in Northeastern Thailand grow

Brought to you directly from small communities

These beautiful fashion items are designed and crafted in a single village in Northeastern Thailand. Follow Bee Glorious on our last trip to this village, where we took these photos:
Photo by Alex Esser, 2011
Photo by Alex Esser, 2011
The villagers harvest bamboo from the forest or their own organic fields. To sustain a natural balance, only the mature stems are cut, which then regrow at a rapid organic pace.

Photo by Alex Esser, 2011
Artisans cut the bamboo stems in long strips and refine them thinner and thinner.


A special smoking technique colours the strips naturally, without adding dyes.

The strips are then weaved into the desired shapes which are finally sewn to handicraft products. Altogether, 10 to 40 people take part in production, depending on the demand.​


A Bee Glorious bamboo purse or handbag is an easy way to better get in touch with nature and support a village community.


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